Hair care experts advise us to avoid washing hair every day to preserve its natural oils. Well that is not going to work for me. I have hair that is as straight as a ruler and a scalp that gets as greasy as a used cooking pan. There are days when I even have to wash my hair twice to release the heat trapped in my scalp.


Since I have to wash my hair twice a day, I need to make sure that I’m using gentle yet nourishing hair care products to make sure that my hair does not lose its vitality and shine. After trying dozens of different hair care products, I have landed on the best-kept Seacret of the Dead Sea.

I stumbled upon the Life of Seacret collection by accident and the outstanding reviews were enough to stir my curiosity. Most of their products are embedded with rich minerals from the Dead Sea, which are known for their healing benefits.

I believe I need a set over a single product that promises to solve it all because our hair has different needs. I opted for Seacret Hair Care Products to give life to my oily and limp hair and to add volume and showcase styles at the same time. I discovered that Seacret offers both haircare and hair-styling products and I found that very exciting as I rarely get the chance to style my hair. My ridiculously straight hair is not really styling-friendly. I curl one part and leave it and the next thing I know, that part has already uncurled as I am working on another set of strands. The Seacret Hair Care Products help me avoid this dilemma by preparing my scalp and hair for styling. 

Here’s how I use my Seacret Hair Care Products:

First, I get started with the headliner: the shampoo. I use the Seacret PURE Purifying Hair & Scalp Shampoo to cleanse away impurities such as dirt and grease. Since this shampoo is packed with Dead Sea mineral salts, I make sure to massage my hair and scalp with it for intense nourishment and detoxification. This first step is so soothing that you would want to end it here, but do not make that mistake because it just gets better with the next steps to come.


Consistency is key. To achieve the best result, you have to pair your shampoo with a conditioner that is made to sustain the result. As previously mentioned, the Seacret Hair Care Products work as a team. Comparing it to a relay, the conditioner must continue the run when the shampoo is done playing its part. The Seacret Mineral-Rich Vitalizing Conditioner surely enriches what the Seacret Pure Purifying Hair & Scalp Shampoo has done. Aside from nourishing the hair with its Dead Sea Mud essence, it maximizes the hair’s manageability. This conditioner leaves my hair feeling vibrant and voluminous while keeping the shine.

To avoid getting a lot of static in my hair, I skip the hairdryer and wait for it to dry on its own. Once my hair is dry or damp, I use the greatest styling weapon that I have ever held in the form of the Seacret Pro Styling Flexi Hair Brush. I used to comb my hair with a plastic comb, or worse, using my fingers as I am a lazy girl but then I learned that by doing so, I am depriving my hair of its potential luster. This pro styling brush is perfect for my thin hair for it provides gentle detangling with its bristles made of nylon and boar’s hair combined together. Brushing has never been this easy and luxurious.


Next, I apply the anti-limp hair potion- the Seacret Hair Styling Clay. Most of the styling products that I have used in the past contain harsh chemicals that left my hair feeling sticky and dry after use. Not to mention they smelled bad too. I loved using the Seacret Hair Styling Clay because it is the exact opposite of those toxic products. It contains beeswax and Dead Sea minerals to nourish my hair while holding it all together. No fly-aways, to sticky strands, just a perfectly-styled hair.


To seal the deal, I apply the Seacret Nourishing Hair Serum. This is also perfect when your hair needs a retouch in the middle of the day as it restores your hair’s natural flexibility and long-lasting shine. It contains some of the ingredients that I cannot live without such as Argan Oil, Vitamin E, and Avocado Oil which makes it an ultra-rich serum packed with endless benefits. I no longer have to buy these oils individually which brings so much relief to my wallet.


A five-step hair care regimen may seem a lot at first glance but to quote one of the best lines in the history of television from the show called Fleabag, “Hair is everything. We wish it wasn’t, so we could actually think about something else occasionally, but it is. It’s the difference between a good day and a bad day…”

If you want to have a good day, then take the necessary effort to give your hair the best treatment it deserves, and by the best, I mean the Seacret Hair Care Collection. 

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