It’s the year 2020. If you’re a guy and you still think skincare is “too feminine”, then think again. Wellness is measured holistically and too often, men equate their wellness to their workout and nutrition. What some men fail to realize is that the skin serves a bigger purpose; it is not just an outer covering that binds all of your parts together.

I grew up with three brothers and here’s what I have to say: To them, bath soap is the universal weapon that can wipe away even the slightest amount of blemish, perhaps even shame. They allowed a single bar soap to navigate around every part of their body. For every skin-related concern that they had, their answer was and always is nothing but bath soap. Acne? Bath Soap. Allergy? Bath soap. Dry skin? Same bath soap. I, myself am not big on skincare regimen but I knew they were getting it wrong.


I missed my opportunity to intervene with my elder brothers’ skincare, but there is still hope for my youngest brother. He was hesitant at first simply because “he’s a guy”, but I showed him how it’s done. I introduced him to a promising skincare discovery that I have heard about- the Seacret Skincare for Men.

I knew I can never lure my little brother to try a 10 Step Skincare Routine or anything along these lines. Heck, I can’t even push myself to follow such an elaborate regimen. Male newbies in skincare will most likely get overwhelmed by the myriad of labels being paraded in the market but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Introducing him to the fuss-free and straightforward packaging of the Seacret Skincare for Men was the perfect approach.

Every skincare product has a selling point- whether it’s being cruelty-free, locally-made, cheapest in the market, or maybe handpicked by a known personality. This seacret for men has built its irrefutable name by highlighting its use of a premium ingredient- the minerals from the Dead Sea. These minerals are unique to the Dead Sea alone and are often raved-about for their healing and rejuvenating properties. Millions of tourists flock to the site just to immerse in the Dead Sea’s healing benefits but with the Seacret Skincare for Men, you don’t even have to leave your home. 

Here’s the best no-fuss 4 step skincare for men:

1. Seacret Men’s Liquid Face Wash


Crossing out the basic criteria of what a face wash should do-  cleanse and protect. Using Seacret Men’s Liquid Face Wash twice a day will definitely improve your complexion.

2. Seacret Men’s After-Shave Balm


Your beard can be a hot spot for bacteria to breed in especially if you’ve neglected it for so long. It’s important to have an after-shave balm that moisturizes and cleans at the same time. This seacret for men has a light, hydrating, and absorbent consistency. It also has a cooling effect that will leave you feeling refreshed. The best part? You’ll notice your fine lines and wrinkles diminishing after every use.

3. Seacret Men’s Oil Free Hydration Gel


This is another Seacret for men that needs to be revealed. A man’s skin is usually oily but that doesn’t mean you will skip the hydrating part. This is a crucial step that most people take for granted. Hydrating will help the skin develop elasticity and this is essential if you want to maintain a youthful-looking skin without any visible trace of skin damage. This mineral-rich Oil Free Hydration Gel is easily absorbed by the skin and has an irresistible scent. Use day and night to get the best result.

4. Seacret Men’s Power C Eye Gel


The last Seacret for men is in the form of an eye gel that will transform one’s tired gaze into a fiery one. Its high Vitamin C and caffeine content will surely wipe those dark circles and puffs away. It comes with a ceramic applicator for a gentler touch. 

Every product that belongs to the Seacret Skincare for Men is suitable for all skin types and has a light and cool scent. It was not difficult for my little brother to adapt to the Seacret skincare routine because he felt pampered and refreshed after every use. It didn’t feel like a chore to him. The best part is he had seen noticeable results in just a week- lighter complexion, cleaner aftershave, reduced dark circles from nights of online gaming. Every product delivered what was promised.

It is not difficult to encourage men to practice a good skincare routine when you have the right product. 

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