Excess sugar is the main antagonist to every road-to-fitness story out there. In the advent of  #foodstagram, which features beautifully-presented, elaborate, mouth-watering desserts flashing on your screen at every scroll, it just gets harder and harder to resist giving in to sweet temptations.


You can stay away from desserts if you really are determined to stay fit and see the noticeable results of your hard work, but did you know that there is a delicious and healthier solution to your sweet dilemma? I’d like to introduce the Seacret Shake.

This nutrition-packed shake’s primary purpose is to aid your healthy, long-term weight management goals in the tastiest and most satisfying way possible. You’ll never have to worry about Seacret Shake’s calorie count because this smooth, creamy, healthy treat is low-calorie with 23 grams of plant-based clean protein per serving. It is low-glycemic and high in protein which makes it a logical choice for those who are under a strict diet. What makes this delicious supplement even more exciting is how it comes in 2 of the most classic flavors in the world: Vanilla and Chocolate


Seacret Shake Benefits:

  • Helps support healthy, long-term weight management
  • Promotes new lean muscle mass
  • Provides healthy nutrition with its all-natural ingredients

Another great thing about the Seacret Shake is that its special ingredients are sourced and acquired through Fair Trade. Each grain of the Seacret Shake is a nod of support to the producers of high-quality ingredients hailing from different developing countries. Below is the list of Seacret Shake’s ingredients:

  • Organic pea proteins

Rich in protein, aids muscle growth, good for the heart, aids digestion and weight loss

  • Brown rice proteins 

Aids muscle recovery, helps promote balanced sugar, promotes weight loss, reduces cholesterol, improves liver function

  • Quinoa

High in fiber and protein, aids blood sugar control, contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants, promotes metabolic health

  • Alfalfa

High in antioxidants, helps in blood sugar control, extremely low on calories

  • Millet

Rich in antioxidants, helps in blood sugar control, lowers cholesterol

  • Amaranth

Rich in fiber, protein, and micronutrients; rich in antioxidants, may lower cholesterol; aids weight loss

  • Organic fair trade alkalized cacao (Seacret Chocolate Shake)

May reduce risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke; improves blood flow and brain function; may improve mood and symptoms of depression

Still not convinced after reading Seacret Shake’s ingredients and their benefits? 

Here’s how this Seacret product has yielded nothing but positive results according to one satisfied user:

“Some protein powders taste can be overbearing. Trust me, I’ve tried many. My doctor suggested this product. He said I should not use a whey or soy based protein. I actually enjoy this supplement. I use water, unsweetened almond milk with frozen fruit and some raw spinach each morning to make my smoothie. Comes out great every time.

Plus price is about $20 less than the Seacret website. :o)”

 – ButterBean6536

Making ourselves suffer by missing out on the best things in life isn’t always the key to getting our desired results. It has more to do with the choices that we make. The Seacret Shake is definitely a healthier choice that will not deprive you of the chance to enjoy your food. If you need variation, you can always make a smoothie bowl by blending the Seacret Shake with your favorite fruits and topping it with some nuts or other garnish! There are many ways to enjoy this healthy treat!

Now, the real question: Chocolate or vanilla? Take your pick.


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