Why is a Healthy Diet Important for Fitness? 

Food has the largest impact on your body and fitness. When your eating habits change for good, you lose weight, become fitter, and gain more confidence. So make it your goal to break bad eating habits and you will see a drastic body transformation. 

What is Seacret Health Made Simple? 

Seacret’s Health Made Simple is a nutritional program designed to support healthy eating until it becomes your lifestyle. This program consists of the following supplements: 

SevenPoint2 Shake (Your Choice: Vanilla or Chocolate)


This creamy protein shake is made of Fair Trade alkalized cacao that is calorie-friendly. It also contains a plant-based protein that includes organic pea, brown rice, organic sprouts of quinoa, alfalfa, millet, and amaranth. It provides your body with the right amount of protein to keep you in shape. 

SevenPoint2 Greens


SevenPoint2 Shake serves as a great source of protein, but SevenPoint2 Greens serves as a source of 20+ vegetables. It’s made of green superfoods, cereal grasses, and alkalizing vegetables. This vegan drink detoxifies your body until it achieves an alkaline state. 

Recovery with HydroFX


Recovery with HydroFX patented molecular hydrogen-producing supplement that aims to amplify the effects of alkaline foods. It eliminates excess acids to help your body achieve an alkaline state fast. 

Alkaline Booster


This supplement neutralizes the effects of acidic foods. And with your body becoming more like alkaline your health improves, you become more energetic, and you sleep better at night. 

What Can you Expect from a Healthy and Alkaline Diet? 


When your body has a balanced pH achieving a healthy weight becomes less complicated. First off, excess acids store fats and toxins which sabotage your metabolism. In an alkaline state, you naturally flush out those toxins. And you’ll notice a drastic improvement in your metabolism. 

An alkaline diet is also beneficial for your hormone level. Studies show that it improves the region of the brain responsible for hormone production. This could mean fewer mood swings, hot flashes, and headaches.

An alkaline state reduces body pain too. The benefits of this one seems endless. An alkaline diet is said to supply your body with minerals that relieve chronic pain. Soon you might have to save your pain gels for occasional use only. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Suggested Use for Seacret Health Made Simple

  • In the morning, start your day with two scoops of Shake and one scoop of Greens powder in 12-16 ounces of cold water. Mix well together before drinking. 
  • Take SevenPoint2 Recovery and HydroFX tablets two to three times daily for best results. 
  • Take four SevenPoint2 Alkaline Booster capsules before bed time. This allows your body to neutralize acids while you’re fast asleep. 

Where to Buy Seacret Products? 

Seacret Health Made Simple and other related supplements are available on Vibrance Skins, a leading distributor that offers a wide range of products manufactured by Seacret. Visit our website to learn about our exclusive promotions and discounts. 

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