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Anything that adorns impacts our impression of a person instantly, and believe us when we say that the hair imprints a bigger mark in our brains than we think. We forget what a person has worn upon meeting for the first time, but what that person’s hair looked like- whether it was the color, style, or cut-  stays with us and becomes the mark of that certain period of time; and that’s why it’s important to keep it looking nice and spruced up. If your hair needs some serious rescuing or you simply want to keep it tamed, then it’s best to trust the Seacret Hair Care product collection.


The Dead Sea minerals have a long list of proven unique health benefits under its belt.

One of the most laudable things about Seacret Hair Care is its wide range of beauty products, from the most basic hair necessity such as shampoo to an upscale innovative styling equipment like a hair straightener. Seacret is truly setting the bar high to provide top-of-the-line products conceived by highly-advanced technology, embedded with a Seacret ingredient in the form of minerals derived from the famed Dead Sea. This miracle-mineral has healing, renewal and rejuvenation properties that have proven the test of time. Allow it to help you address all kinds of hair dilemmas and nurture your crowning glory back to life.

We’ve narrowed down the most common hair problems and the perfect Seacret hair care product for each:

If you have oily hair & scalp

  • The Seacret PURE Purifying Hair & Scalp Shampoo



This no-fuss shampoo contains Dead Sea mineral salts that cleanse away dirt and impurities while protecting the natural oil balance with essential hydration. 

Benefits: It comes in a luxurious soft cleansing foam, removes dead skin cells from the scalp, and detoxifies and restores balance to sensitive & oily scalp

If you have dull and lifeless hair

  • The Seacret Mineral-Rich Reviving Mud Hair Mask

Aside from the minerals derived from the Dead Sea muds, this luxurious creamy concoction contains household ingredients in the cosmetic world such as:

  1.  Argan Oil- A nourishing fragrant oil that easily penetrates the hair or skin to boost moisture and provides anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe itchy scalp; it also protects the hair from sun damage.
  2. Vitamin E- Known for its antioxidant properties which may help in preventing hair loss, improve scalp circulation, and balance oil production

This cream for the hair can be used sparingly for it yields amazing results with its richness, reviving your hair’s natural radiance and shine.

If you have a styling emergency

  • The Seacret Pro Styling Flexi Hair Brush



The perfect brush exists. It’s ideal for fine or thin hair, this innovative, ultra-flexible brush provides gentle detangling and makes styling simple. Its ergonomic, flexible brush head moves in all directions and follows the contours of the head for increased comfort and uses combination of nylon and boar’s hair bristles for superior detangling

  • The Seacret Hair Styling Clay

This rich styling clBod•ēay is packed with Dead Sea minerals to nourish your hair and scalp and beeswax, a powerful hydrator, to lock in moisture and add volume. This premium styling clay provides a strong, yet flexible hold so you can get the exact look you want. You can use this to seal your hair after a good straightening session.

If you want a straighter hair with a professional touch

  • The Seacret Pro Styling Hair Straightener



Style your hair like a real professional with this easy grip hair straightener. Its vibration mode allows for smooth passes while tilting heat and cushion plates further protect your hair. With a 30 second heating time and variable temperature control, you’ll have a perfectly styled hair in no time.

If your hair needs more TLC, then you may head to our website and discover the complete collection of Seacret Hair Care products. 

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