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Apr 2, 2020 | Reviews

Eye Spy Why Eye Makeup Removers Are An Essential Part of Any Makeup Bag

Eye Spy: Why Eye Makeup Removers Are An Essential Part of Any Makeup Bag

Any makeup buff knows that eye makeup is a vital step in any makeup routine. You can easily vamp up any look by playing around with different eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, and even false eyelashes. Cosmetics companies have created such a variety of eye makeup options makeup lovers would go gaga for. 

If you’re into making a statement with one look, one thing you shouldn’t skimp on is eye makeup removers. Skipping this step could lead to potentially dangerous effects on your eyes and the skin surrounding it. This is why eye makeup removers are a must in your makeup bag. 

Consequences of Not Cleaning Your Eye Properly

Consequences of Not Cleaning Your Eye Properly

It’s not only the actual eye that’s prone to illnesses caused by skipping hygienic practices. Review the points below to see why you need to start practicing eye cleaning – stat!  

  • Sleeping with makeup or makeup residue can cause unnecessary breakouts.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the advice, “Never sleep with your makeup on” multiple times already, and it’s because it’s true. If you’re unable to take out all the makeup from your face, you increase your chances of having breakouts. Makeup, especially those that are oil-based, can clog pores which then result in acne. 

  • You could develop blepharitis. 

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids, which can result in clumping and stickiness around the eyelashes. Failing to completely clean your eye area from makeup can worsen the effects of this eye disease.  

  • Eye makeup residue may cause extreme eye irritation, which may result in blindness. 

A 50-year old lady in Australia was reported to have skipped cleaning her eyelashes from mascara for 25 years. When she experienced excruciating pain and irritation in her eyes, she went to an ophthalmologist to have her eyes checked. Once the doctor flipped her top eyelids, he found “concretions” or solid masses of mascara residue. The lady was lucky she was able to get checked before she went completely blind. 

The moral lesson of the story? You’re risking your eyesight by skipping eye cleaning practices that should only take a few seconds to do. While this was an extreme case, it can very well happen to you if you don’t do the necessary steps in preventing it from happening. 

Things You Should Look For in an Eye Makeup Remover

Things You Should Look For in an Eye Makeup Remover

Now that we’ve discussed why eye makeup removers are an indispensable item for every makeup user, let’s go over what you need to look for in an eye makeup remover.

  • Go for delicate and gentle cleansers. 

The skin around the eyes is very, very thin. You must choose and eye makeup remover that won’t need excessive rubbing to completely take off makeup. If your eye makeup remover requires you to rub thrice in the same area, then it’s time to find something more delicate and efficient. 

  • Choose eye makeup removers that don’t contain oil or alcohol. 

Most eye makeup removers contain oil. Here’s why it’s an ingredient you should veer away from. 

While oil makes cleaning gentler, if not done right, it can also leave makeup residue. Plus, since you will still need water to take out excess oil, it’s not a good thing to use for people who get Keratin eyelashes. The oil will take out the eyelash hairs you put in in an instant. 

Avoid using removers that have alcohol as well because it strips off the natural oil brought about by your skin. 

  • Go for moisturizing eye makeup cleansers.

Who doesn’t want an extra moisturizing item to add in your skincare or makeup stash? Go for makeup removers that don’t just take off makeup but also offer extra hydration to keep the skin around your eyes healthy and free from unwanted fine lines. Ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera and chamomile are great for nourishing the skin. 

If you’re already on the lookout for an eye makeup remover or wish to switch from the one you have on hand, one eye makeup remover that you may want to check out is Seacret’s Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover. It’s gotten great reviews from users all over the globe because of its effectiveness. 

The Seacret Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover

The Seacret Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover

Seacret has been known to create amazing skincare products that are produced by combining the power of nature and science. The company prides itself on incorporating Dead Sea minerals, also known as the fountain of youth, in their products. 

One best-selling product that has been garnering raves from different women is their Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover. With Seacret’s dual phase formula, the eye remover has two layers – water-based and silicone. 

With the water-based layer, Dead Sea minerals are combined with vitamin E, aloe vera and chamomile to create a very moisturizing and revitalizing cleanser. The silicone-in-water layer, on the other hand, helps break down and thoroughly remove makeup. 

The Seacret Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover is also oil-free and can be used not just on the eyes but on the entire face as well. 

Some of the Seacret Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover’s benefits are that it is hypoallergenic-tested, paraben-free and is suitable for waterproof makeup. 

How to Use the Seacret Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover 

Step 1: Grab a cotton cloth and moisten it with a bit of water. 

Step 2: Apply a few drops of the Seacret Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover

Step 3: Press the cotton cloth on the eye for a couple of seconds and then move gently in a circular motion. 

Step 4: Make sure no residue remains by washing with a gentle soap-based wash. 

Reviews of the Seacret Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover by Users

Excellent for waterproof mascara.

This product takes off waterproof mascara gently but extremely effectively. Haven’t found anything better than this.” 

-Faye D.

Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover.

Love this product! It’s not greasy. Leaves skin soft and removes all makeup without scrubbing. Doesn’t irritate the eyes. Excellent product! Highly recommend this product.”

 – Cindy

I love this eye makeup remover!

This makeup remover is very gentle yet powerful, it does the job well, all the while leaving your skin soft. I notice some makeup removers require to scrub, leaving the skin feeling slightly raw. This stuff takes a simple swipe or two, and voila!”

 – Tyanna

Needless to say, having proper eye makeup cleansers should be a staple in every makeup stash.  Like other skincare products that many consider Holy Grail, an eye makeup remover is one that you shouldn’t be able to live without. Make sure to invest in a good one that won’t just do the cleaning job but will also nourish your skin along the way.

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