Seacret Body Butter Review: A non-stick butter for the skin

Apr 17, 2020 | Reviews

The Seacret Body Butter Review A non-stick butter for the skin

One sunny day back in college, I was treading the university sidewalk with my friends, melting under the scorching heat when one of my companions grabbed my arm to catch up with my speed. She managed to catch up but then she let go immediately.

 “You’re sticky!” said my friend in utter repulsion. 

Then I smirked and told her about what was considered an unsung skin care must-have- the body butter. Back then, only a few dozen knew what a body butter was, so I took out the palm-sized canister of my rich body butter and explained to her what sets it apart from a body lotion.

It’s quite simple. Body lotion is lighter in consistency for it is a blend of water and oils whereas body butter, as the name suggests, contains shea or cocoa butter, oils and wax all whisked together. If your skin is not too dry and just needs a regular dose of moisture, then body lotion should be fine. Our skin finds it easier to absorb. But if your skin needs rescuing from visible drought or dehydration, then using body butter is not only appropriate but a must. 

Looking back, I was not particular to the brand that I was using. I never check reviews or do research. I see a product on the display window, I take a whiff, I like the scent, then I proceed to checkout. Now, options are multiplying and as much as I hate to hop from one product to another, I don’t want to miss out on the best product that will suit my needs. Thank goodness for e-commerce. If it was not for the pile of reviews that I have stumbled upon, I wouldn’t have discovered the not-so-hidden skin care seacret: the Seacret Body Butter collection.

The Seacret Body Butter’s Catch

The Seacret Body Butter Review A non-stick butter for the skin

What drew me into the Seacret Body Butter collection, aside from its five-star reviews, is its humble yet powerful weapon: the rich and unique minerals from the Dead Sea. There is a reason why millions of people from across the globe flock to the famed site and that is to experience first hand the healing benefits of the rich minerals that fill it to the brim and you can’t find this elsewhere. The Dead Sea contains unparalleled minerals that aid in cell metabolism which results in skin rejuvenation and regeneration on a deeper level. If you feel like your skin is losing its life and vitality, then the Dead Sea minerals-as ironic as it sounds-  is the holy grail for your skin as it gives the most amazing results even during your first try. 

The good news is, you don’t have to book a flight to Jordan to get the nourishment that your skin needs. The Seacret skin essentials have packed the healing essence of the Dead Sea into a legion of products. Being an avid fan of body butters, I personally immersed myself in the luxurious world of Seacret body butters.

Seacret Spellbinding Scents

Seacret Spellbinding Scents

If you are a sucker for enchanting scents and distinct, luxurious ingredients, then the Seacret body butter will not disappoint. It comes in three variants- the cool and refreshing Ocean Mist, energizing and citrusy Pomegranate, and sweet and delicate Milk & Honey.

Rich array of ingredients that you can rely on

Rich array of ingredients that you can rely on

Never worry about toxic chemicals because the Seacret Body Butter is Paraben-free. Aside from the Dead Sea minerals and fascinating fragrances that it comes with, an exciting parade of luxurious ingredients wrap this amazing product:

  1. Shea & Cocoa Butter– the identity of body butters lies on these two ingredients. Both are prized as rich moisturizers, containing fatty acids, and vitamins A and E- essential to skin’s elasticity and regeneration.
  2. Natural Oils- coconut, olive, rosehip, sweet almond, jojoba, black currant, orange, and avocado oil– these agents help in intensive moisturization and offer sweet scent for a relaxing effect
  3. Herbal ExtractsGreen tea, apple, sugarcane, and lemon extracts are rich in antioxidants and help brighten skin to achieve a stunning glow

You’ll never have to experience the sticky situation that I have endured with my then body butter because the Seacret Body Butter has the perfect consistency that sticks without being greasy. You can dance under the sun without feeling like a greasy pan and the best part is, your skin will enjoy that supple effect even after you shower. 

Want the best spa experience at home? The Seacret Body Butter is best used after a good Seacret Salt & Oil Scrub. Head to Seacret Website and explore the many ways you can enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals.

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