If you enjoy having regular indulgent gastronomic feasts, then you have to prepare for the impending health consequences. Most foods that we love can cause more acidity in the body and this could be a problem if you lack self-control.

Here are some foods that you might want to consume in moderation:


  • Grains
  • Sugar
  • Dairy
  • Fish
  • Processed foods
  • Fresh and processed meats
  • Sodas 
  • Foods rich in protein
  • Citrus

Many types of diseases thrive in acidic environments that’s why it is important to keep our body’s pH level balanced to avoid acquiring illnesses. Some of the common signs of acidity include fatigue, headache, stomach problems, stress, and brittleness of hair or nails. 

Boosting our alkaline is a sure way to counter the effects of high acidity. Alkaline water is the most common product made to boost the balance of our body’s pH level for it is fortified with essential minerals but there is no scientific evidence to its long term effectiveness. Another way of reducing our body’s acid content is by switching to an alkaline diet but if you think this is too elaborate, perhaps taking effective dietary supplements can do the trick. This review will show you the beauty of the supplement known as The Seacret Alkaline Booster 


The Seacret Alkaline Booster is unlike any other pH-balancing, alkaline-boosting, or acid-reducing supplements. Not only does it neutralize the effects of acid-forming foods but it also provides notable potential health benefits.

Benefits of Seacret Alkaline Booster


  1. Better quality of sleep
  2. Boosted vitality
  3. Enhanced physical energy
  4. Improved mental clarity
  5. Healthy weight management

You wouldn’t find this is regular alkaline water that can provide these many benefits packed in just a tiny piece of tablet.


Another factor that separates the Seacret Alkaline Booster from the rest of alkaline-boosting products is how it harnesses the power of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea contains a total of 26 types of minerals and 12 of these can’t be found elsewhere. Some of these minerals include magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium and each mineral offers healing properties. You can rest assured that with the added benefits of the rich minerals found in the Dead Sea, the Seacret Alkaline Booster will not only neutralize your acid content but can also help in achieving radiance, rejuvenation, restoration, relief, and recovery from within.

Safe Seacret Ingredients

Apart from the famed Dead Sea minerals, the Seacret Alkaline Booster contains 100% Vegetarian, all-natural ingredients that are non-GMO, and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and whey. 

Below are some of the reviews left by the Seacret Alkaline Booster’s satisfied users:

“Once your body is Alkaline, all of your medical problems drop away.

it will balance your body and you will never be out of balance again unless you stop the product.

It will make you ascend to the next level. Never be a Debbie downer again.

You will be on Top of the World. What are you waiting for? get going.” – Jim Kennedy

“This is an excellent product with high-quality ingredients and makes it easy to maintain an optional pH.” – K. Shull

These reviews only prove that your life is just about to get better with continued use of the Seacret Alkaline Booster and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You can keep living an indulgent life without avoiding the comfort foods that you love with the Seacret Alkaline Booster. For best results, take 4 capsules 1 hour after eating an acidic meal or before bed. 

Interested in taking that road to wellness? Just head to Seacret Website and discover the many ways you can improve your health.

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